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  • Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC)

    No charge to receive unbiased information and assistance to navigate accessing benefits and services for adults

    Aging Disability and Resource Center (ADRC)

    The first place to go with your aging and disability questions. They are “information stations” where you can obtain accurate, unbiased information related to aging or living with a disability. Important for family members and/or Guardian to be part of the conversation.

    Consumer can request type of meeting: phone, in home or at the ADRC office:  1-800-500-3910 or 608-785-5700

    La Crosse County Resource Guide

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  • Benefits
  • Wellness and Prevention Programs
  • Dementia Care Specialist

    The role of the Dementia Care Specialist is to ensure the highest quality of life possible for people living with dementia in La Crosse County.  This is done through three main pillars of work:

    Support for Caregivers

    • Connection to support, workshops, training, and respite
    • Consults for behavioral symptoms, future planning, and self-care

    Support for Persons with Dementia or Cognitive Concerns

    • Enhance independence and connection to supports
    • Collaborate with community partners for enrichment opportunities

    Support for Community and Professionals

    • Create public awareness and build Dementia Friendly Communities through the Dementia Coalition Initiatives
    • Offer public presentations for education and training
    • Provide consults to professionals regarding dementia-related issues and/or improve services or care planning
    • Ensure ADRC Staff, County and Municipal Offices are Dementia-Capable, knowledgeable and equipped with appropriate, competent and sensitive supports

    Connect with your dementia care specialist, call the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of La Crosse County by calling 608-785-5700 or check out the ADRC website.



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