Online Training Resources

If you would like to receive any or all of these modules in PowerPoint format for use with an online Learning Management System, contact Joanne Sandvick at Note that there are two modules for each cultural group: one for a general audience and one designed specifically for clinical providers.

The following online learning sessions are from the US Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Minority Health. One needs to register to view the sessions, however there is no charge.

This link will help you begin your exploration of quality and culture. We encourage you to start by taking the Quality and Culture Quiz. The quiz, which takes about ten minutes to complete, is designed to assist you in learning about how culture influences health care. Take an expanded look at some cultural groups.

The following online modules are from the National LGBT Health Education Center to help facilitate the teaching of LGBT topics to health care professionals and students.

Date Last Updated: 06/03/2019 11:23 am