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HSC Management Group

Philosophy and Purpose

The HSC Management Group promotes continuous building of collaboration among its partners, especially in regard to creative space usage, joint program integration, maintenance efficiencies and building culture. Further building of collaboration includes expansion to community partners who will assist in fulfilling the LMHSC mission of enhancing health care, strengthening medical health science education and interactive research initiatives within the health sciences.

The HSC Management Group is responsible for the daily operations of the Health Science Center facility. Therefore they are responsible for assuring that the necessary infrastructure and support services are available and efficiently managed to serve the faculty, programs and community organizations utilizing the Health Science Center.


Each LMHSC "founding partner" institution that contributes more than 5% of the operating expenses of the Health Science Center is entitled to three representatives on the HSC Management Group. The HSC Management Group will elect a President, Vice Chair and a recorder from its membership, determine an appropriate meeting time, meet regularly as needed and document meetings with minutes.

All terms will be three (3) year rotating terms. It is understood that due to personnel changes etc. this may not always be feasible. Designated LMHSC staff will serve as ex-officio members and assist the Group's officers.

Breakdown of the representatives shall be allocated as follows for each 5% or more partner:

  • Two (2) representatives housed from within the HSC

  • One (1) representative off-site

The rationale for rotating terms, along with three (3) representatives from each 5% or more partners, is to ensure well informed and experienced individuals are groomed and available to lead the committee.

Any recommended changes in the breakdown of HSC Management Group representation will be forwarded to the LMSHC Board of Directors for approval.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Health Science Center Management Group will have the following responsibilities:

1. Operation of the Health Science Center in accordance with the mission of the LMHSC

2. Management of the Health Science Center facility operations on a financially viable and responsible basis, as an "operating division" within the LMHSC Corporation, including an annual budget presented to the LMHSC Financial Committee for review and approval, and corporate approval by the LMHSC Board.

3. Management, development and archiving of the Health Science Center policies and procedures (ie: percent use fees, facilities rental, and general operations such as parking, access cards, disposal of equipment etc.)

4. Management oversight of the facility including, but not limited to:

  • Manage overall allocation of space by Programs
  • Space utilization, determine annual space percentage usage by LMHSC Partners
  • Defining, preparing, bidding, and awarding operations contracts for the facility, which include audio-visual, IT network, operations management and vending, and others as deemed appropriate
  • Review current, prospective, and new agreements/leases
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